The Orange Carpet Awards: A Feat for All Local Creators

I joined Blogapalooza November of 2019 and honestly I never really expected anything because when you’re a content creator from the province, you will less likely be in the spotlight unless of course you become viral. I also didn’t want to pressure myself, after all, I create content not for clout but because I enjoy doing it.

I used to create content mostly about travel but come 2020 when the pandemic hit I was challenged to create other types of content out of my comfort zone. I started to create video logs and I even did livestreams. Can you imagine an introvert doing livestreams? Crazy — but I did it for my sanity. I had no outlet for my ideas and I felt like I’m losing my “creativity” if I stop creating. I’ve seen a lot of budding and amazing creators during the peak of the pandemic and I told myself, if they can do it, why can’t I? So I continued creating content, not minding what other people will think of me as long as I’m happy and I’m not stepping on anyone.

I also started interacting with other local creators through Blogapalooza. They launched #ElevateInfluence and I’m proud to be part of it.

What is Blogapalooza?

Blogapalooza claims to be the first influencer marketing platform in the Philippines with more than 50,000 people and still growing. Its members are creators (bloggers, vloggers, social media talents and movers) from different regions all over the Philippines.


So what’s up with BlogaFest?

It’s a major event that aims to gather creators from every niche, place, tier, and interest. It’s a celebration of the uniqueness of each creator, whichever part of the country they come from.

I have seen the past BlogaFests and I was really curious and interested to know what happens during the event. So when Blogapalooza announced the event details for BlogaFest 2022 I was keen to participate but kinda hesitant since it’s close to my planned travel dates.

September of 2022, I got a message informing that I was nominated for the Orange Carpet Awards. What?! An award for creating content?! It definitely came as a surprise!

Almost a month has passed and they were already asking if I was going to attend. I still wasn’t sure but my support system pushed me to just go for it, so I booked a ticket! I was feeling the excitement already. I was already looking forward to meeting other creators which I’ve only known through social media, some I’ve met virtually via Blogapalooza’s zoom meetings.

Two days before the event, my flight got cancelled. I tried to rebook and find alternative routes but found nothing. One of the planes overshoot the runway in Mactan Cebu International Airport halting operations for more than a day and delaying a loooooot of flights. Then PAG-ASA announce a tropical storm, affecting most parts of the Philippines. The situation wasn’t in my favor. There were no available flights to book or if there was a slot, I don’t have the assurance if the flight will push through. I did not want to risk my safety so I accepted the reality that I won’t be able to attend BlogaFest physically.


The Orange Carpet Awards is a segment during BlogaFest that recognizes exceptional talents in the influencer space who create quality content for their community and elevate their influence.

As BlogaMomma Ace Gapuz shared the story behind the making of the Orange Carpet Awards, I got teary eyed. She shared how she thought of creating an award giving body for the aspiring and emerging creators — big or small, budding or experienced — who never stopped trying. She shared how there are a lot of creators who are excellent in doing what they do but are seldom noticed or they don’t have the platform to support them.

“I see a lot of talent everywhere but not all great talent is being recognized. And I want Blogapalooza to be that. I want Blogapalooza to be a platform of opportunities. But instead of red carpet, let’s make it orange carpet because we want it to be inclusive and all embracing, because we want everybody to feel na ah! pwede pala, kaya ko pala, because it’s also a personal mantra of mine.” — Ace Gapuz, Blogapalooza CEO.

I never knew I needed to hear what BlogaMomma Ace said. It was a form of validation I never thought I needed.

The time came when my category was up. Luzon Champion was announced, then they called my name as the Visayas Champion, then they called the Mindanao Champion. I seriously didn’t know how that happened but I’m extremely grateful to Blogapalooza for believing in us! I will never forget this moment, after all this is my first ever nomination (and win) in the blogosphere/content creation field.

I really felt major FOMO but I’m still grateful to be part of this event, albeit virtually. I also realized after my Odette experience last December that I wasn’t ready for another typhoon/storm so I think this is God telling me “not now Dee”.

So congratulations to all the winners of the Orange Carpet Awards! All thanks to Blogapalooza for recognizing local creators in the country, for giving us a platform to share our skills, talents, and quirks, and for trusting and encouraging us to keep on.

I look forward to attending more Bloga events in the future and I’m manifesting that I can finally attend physically!

Until then, let’s keep exploring 🧡


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#BlogaFest2022 Visayas Champion (Awow! 😜)

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