Travel Diary: Turning the Negative to Positive

Hello. I know I haven’t written anything for quite some time since I’ve been preoccupied with a lot of things.

I finally have the time to sit down and gather all my thoughts on my recent trip.

Last February, I went back to one of my favorite islands in the Philippines – my chill-pill, happy place, Siargao.

After several days of raining, the sun finally showed up! This is why I love staying in Arka Hayahay. You get the best sunrise view!

Siargao has changed in so many ways since the first time I have set foot on the island. I still have that great amount of love towards it but it’s really getting tighter as days go by.

If you’ve been to Siargao 3 years (or more) ago, the place looked very different just by looking at the new restos and shops along the streets. How much more during those times when Siargao streets weren’t made of concrete roads. It actually is a good thing for Siargao’s economic growth but I really hope these developments would not ruin the beauty of the island.

I went there over the weekend, no holidays, so I was expecting fewer people. We had a hard time securing tables at restaurants and resorts. I guess that was Siargao’s new version of few. It’s fine though, I don’t mind queueing as long as I’m in for something really good, like food, really good food.

Bad timing…

This paradise has become my breather but for some reason, my last visit didn’t turn out quite well.

It started with the usual chill – “nothing-to-do” day. I was with some friends and since there were first timers, we had to go to the usual tourist spots – Tres Marias and Magpupungko Tidal Flats and Rock Pools.

I wasn’t aware of the weather conditions but when we arrived they said a low pressure was approaching. Of course, you can’t do anything to stop that. You’re on the island, just try to enjoy the place even when it’s raining. After all, you’re at the beach. Get wet and have fun!

Also, we were supposed to go to Sugba Lagoon but it temporarily closed due to some issues which the government hastily paid attention to. Sugba Lagoon went on a “cleansing phase” just like some travelers do on their trips.

Good news! It’s back and now open to the public (As of March 5, 2018). Thanks to Instagram friends who keep me posted!

Initially, I wanted to do a chill trip where I can just beach bum or surf every day but we also had to adjust to everybody’s preferences plus my hormones did not give me a pass (if you know what I mean)…


So what’s new?

I was able to go to Pacifico! It’s been on my “to visit list” for some time. Pacifico is on the other side of the island, just between Pilar and Burgos.

Every time I look for places to stay in Siargao, I always see “San Isidro” aside from the usual General Luna. This stirred an interest in me to check out the place. It’s far from crowd and a perfect place to relax and unwind.

Some people go to Pacifico to surf but the waves are for intermediate and pro surfers since it’s a barrel spot. Can you imagine the sound of the waves crashing? It’s sooooo relaxing!


Plot Twist!

My original travel date needed some changing. I had to push back my dates so I can come home to Cebu to attend my friends’ wedding. I booked my return flight a day before the wedding and I was “at ease” knowing that I’ll be home just in time.

Funny how God tests your character as my flight going home was canceled due to an unforeseen circumstance! A plane overshot the runway and they had to close the airport for the day.

It was a bad experience but it did not top that time I was stranded and I had no place to sleep but inside the airport with not one chair to even sit on. I can’t go out of the airport since it was already flooding outside.

So this time, I thought to myself, I survived that so this had to be easy! The only thing that’s pressuring me is the fact that I had to be home for my friends’ wedding plus I was with other companions who were also dreading to be home.

Look for the rainbow

Everybody was in queue for new flight arrangements, refunds, and reroutes. You can’t avoid hot-tempered people as a lot of travel and business plans or appointments have been affected.

But then, it all boils down to this – “Will your temper get you home?”. Definitely not! Better keep your cool and talk your way to convince the airline to make arrangements for you, FOR FREE.

In the end, I was able to find a way to get us home. I won’t tell you the tiring details but we ended up catching the boat in Surigao. We arrived in Cebu at dawn, just enough time for me to rest and prepare for my friends’ wedding.

I think I needed another vacation after that experience. It was a draining trip, far from what I wanted but this gives me another reason to come back again.

‘Til next time, IAO!

ūüíį¬†Breakdown of Expenses

Food + Drinks (Entire Trip)    3,000.00

Surf Sessions                             1,000.00

Airport Transfer (Return)         515.00

Car Rental + Fuel                        358.00

Island Hopping                           357.00

Transportation                           500.00

Emergency Expenses             1,825.00

Total                                         7,555.00 PHP

Pre-trip Expense

Airfare                                        2,048.00

Accommodations                    3,375.00


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