What’s New [in] Siargao?

I’ve seen several new spots during my recent visit to Siargao. It was impossible to try all of them but I gave it a shot somehow.

I was really thinking how to share with you our day-to-day itinerary, not that I made one, but just to give you an idea of how you can spend your awesome time in Siargao… BUT! I can’t think of a ‘structured’ itinerary for you to refer to. All you have to know is that when you’re in Siargao BEACH AND CHILL is the way to go.

I made a list of places/spots which I think you should visit if it’s your first time on the island. Not all of these are new but believe me when I say you should see or experience it.


Before your plane lands in Sayak Airport, you would come to see a beautiful scene of greens and blues. That particular scene is one of the largest mangrove systems in the Philippines. And right in the middle of that mangrove system is the famous Sugba Lagoon in Del Carmen, Siargao.

From General Luna, the surf area, it would take about 45 minutes to reach Del Carmen port where you will ride a boat to go to Sugba Lagoon for another 45 minutes.

I have searched several sites featuring this beautiful part of Siargao. And based on my ‘research’, several resorts offer Sugba Lagoon package tours with rates ranging to 2000-2,500.00. It’s quite expensive if you think about it. So I tried scouting for the van rentals, boat rentals, and paddle board rentals hoping to come up with something cheaper but it can even cost you more especially if you’re just a few in a group or if you’re going solo.

So I highly suggest you get those package tours from resorts. The package includes van rental for the entire day, boat rental, two paddle boards, vests, snorkeling gears, entrance, environmental and other fees,  really good food, liters of soda, AND BEER!  You have to check the dates though because they vary. We booked our tour with Viento Del Mar since it fits our schedule.



Haven’t you heard about this? Then maybe you’ve heard of Naked, Daku, and Guyam. It’s the famous islands neighboring Siargao and most known as island hopping destinations.

Siargao is a home to some postcard-perfect beaches in the Philippines. If you have plenty of time, arrange a boat to take you to these three islands. Several resorts offer to arrange these trips. Boat rental rates start from 1,000php and will depend on the number of people.

  • CLOUD 9

BUT OF COURSE, surfing will never be off the list!

A ‘trend’ started a few months ago and all you can see are people swarming the beautiful Cloud 9. Cloud 9 has been the talk of the nation and I’m a little disappointed at how this spot has been ‘full’ of people. It may be good for the tourism sector but I prefer the old Cloud 9.

It still is the best surf break and is very famous for professional surfers but now, I would rather prefer another spot for surfing and I’m keeping that to myself.

There are several cafes around the area. Cafe Loka, for one, is right next to the Boardwalk. Its location is perfect since it is facing the surfing spots. If you’re the type who doesn’t surf and you’ve got friends who surf, then Cafe Loka is just perfect for you. Their menu won’t rob your wallet or your pocket, everything is priced reasonably. There are mats, hammocks, and bean bags outside the cafe if you want an untraditional dining experience.

Also, there’s a new spot just few steps before you reach Cloud 9. Another place to ‘tambay’ (Filipino for chill), Kawayan Gourmand Patisserie. It’s gourmet, with a lot of bread and pastries I could not even pronounce but I was shocked to see the price! I’m not an expert on this but I seriously found the price for their pastries really cheap, except for the beer and the coffee. Every peso you spend here is worth it! Look out for their buy-one-take-one offers which usually happens at four (4) in the afternoon.



Since I started the food part with Cafe Loka and Kawayan Gourmand Patisserie, why not just go deeper and talk more about the awesome food experience you’ll get to have when you visit Siargao?

Miguel Taqueria Y Cerveceria did not exist the first time I’ve been to the island but I have seen and heard several reviews about the place since it opened. I’m not really the taco type of person but I appreciate good food when I eat one. And Miguel surely knows his thing. Hard shell tacos or burritos, name it! Pair it with below-zero-beer and you’re good to go!

There are lots of food options in Siargao. It really depends on your preference. There’s La Carenderia, the famous Bravo, and chill-vibe Harana. There’s Pleasure Point Cafe which is a walking distance from Kermit Surf Resort and Restaurant, the new space, Deli street, and new hideout, Bake by Hideout.

Also, you shouldn’t miss trying Mama’s Grill and Aventino’s Pizza! For the health conscious, Shaka and Arka Hayahay’s have fruit and smoothie bowls to satisfy you.

If you have noticed, I did not include Magpupungko on this list. It’s just that I was not really impressed the first time I’ve been there. I can think of several places with clearer waters and better aquatic scenes without having to torture myself by sitting on a motorcycle for almost 60 minutes. My door is still open though, it wouldn’t hurt to try  and go back next time (after I learn how to drive a motorcycle). We’ll see if I’ll change my stance.

I also wanted to include Bayud Resort here but I was really disappointed at how rude their staff can get. I mean if you have a bad day, don’t spread it everywhere. I did not like how we were treated there so I have to think twice about my plans of staying there the next time I visit Siargao.

There are plenty of places you have to check out (I seriously wanted to try Filibeans Espresso, next time, next time). And since I can’t write everything for you, I just picked out some of the good spots. The best way to experience all these is to visit the island (duh).

Always keep in mind that every time you go to a different place, you have to respect the people there (even if you don’t get it back in some instances). I never thought I could love an island this much, I want to keep it as it is.

For more details about my latest Siargao trip, check this: DIY Trips: Siargao, The Second Time Around or you could aslo check my first Siargao experience.

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