The Art of Traveling

This idea came to me after I woke up one morning and I read someone’s comment on how I do my traveling.

To be able to travel is a privilege, not everyone can do it. It is possible for everyone but there are plenty of factors to consider which can make or break anybody’s travel plans.

There are people born to fortunate families who don’t need to ask themselves why they travel. They just simply can because they have all the ammunition. But to those who aren’t, have you ever asked yourself these questions:

Why travel? What’s the purpose? Are your plans feasible? Are your resources enough? Are you ready?

If I’m asked why I travel, my answer is simple ‘I travel to experience’. And with this experience, I learn, as the saying goes “Adventure is the best way to learn“.

Every time I get the chance to travel I always make sure I make the most out of it. It’s making a sub-bucket list of your current item on your original bucket list which is ‘TO TRAVEL THE WORLD’. It is trying out things you actually thought you won’t ever do, looking past what’s right in front of you, and understanding how amazing this world we live in.

But the thing is, today’s generation STRONGLY suggests people to travel even without thinking it through. We are overwhelmed with advice on where to travel. We hear little of why we should travel, or how we could be more fulfilled by doing or not doing so.

It is a good thing that people today are very open about traveling. But let’s agree when I say that traveling is not an inexpensive thing to do.

It somehow is alarming that people, especially the younger ones (I know, I admit, I’m not getting any younger), think that traveling is a REQUIREMENT to be accepted in society or to be looked up to.

It even comes to a point where they borrow money to make trips happen. You don’t have to force it, you know. You’ll have your time. Don’t get distracted by peer pressure.

Always go back to the question: WHY DO YOU TRAVEL?

Is it really because you love the experience, or you got envious of your friend who visited this and that, or you just wanted to show off to someone? Sometimes we miss the point of why we travel. We are very inundated to our virtual travel life we forget THE REAL DEAL.

Did you really have the time of your life on that recent trip or was it just a facade to make you ‘look’ good?

At the end of the day, you still do what you want to do. Whether you travel on a budget or luxuriantly, all I can say is “walang basagan ng trip” (similar to “whatever floats your boat”).

I’m the happiest when I travel. I hope you are too. Share the love!

If you have any questions, or if you want some tips, feel free to leave a comment or message via e-mail. If you like this article and want to see or know more about my other trips and tips, follow me on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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