Siargao, The Second Time Around

They say, “Love is sweeter the second time around”. I don’t really know why I’ve thought about that. All I know is I’ve fallen more in love with this little island called Siargao. Cheesy (or Corny)…

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It’s my second visit to this paradise and it still amazes me despite the many “talks” about its changes as a lot of people have already figured out this beautiful gem of an island. I wish I could just keep this island to myself or at least have fewer tourists visit the place. I may sound selfish just by saying this but I really hope it keeps its ‘natural’ state and feel -carefree, no fuss, no stain of ‘commercialization.

There are plenty of reasons why I love this island.


Nature doesn’t just stop at trees and mountains. It goes way beyond the shore, the ocean… Siargao, aside from being THE ‘Surf Capital’ of the south, is home to magnificent sceneries, crystal clear waters, and unique rock formations. You can marvel at the island’s beauty even before you have landed.


And I say this with much conviction “I REALLY ADMIRE THE PEOPLE IN SIARGAO”. No flowery words needed! You can’t find a better place where people are true to themselves as they are true to other people. I have never felt being taken advantage of. Locals are very warm to anyone they meet. It’s the place where you can truly be just ‘yourself’ without the pressure of society. No one would even care if you walk barefoot down the streets!

  • TIME

Many would say that time is like gold because it is precious and important. Well on this island, you would really appreciate having the time of your life. I enjoy every minute I have on this island especially that time runs soooo slow. You could check your watch/phone all you want but time won’t go fast. It oddly satisfies your lazy self.


Because who says no to food? They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well I say, a way to anyone’s heart is through his or her stomach! Usually, when you go on vacation or visit some fancy resort, you will expect food prices to be bloated up to five times the normal rates. In Siargao, I haven’t felt like I’ve been robbed! Every cent I spent on food was totally worth it. How so? Can you imagine having TUNA any time on any day and just paying 180-200 PHP (3-4 USD)? It’s waaaaaay cheaper than ordering a single dish at any normal restaurants in any city. That’s SiargWOW!



There are plenty of good accommodations on the island. You can score a decent bed with just 500 PHP but if you’re the exclusive type and you dislike sharing stuff with strangers, private rooms can be as low as 1000 PHP. You just have to do your share of researching to find these deals.

This time around, we stayed somewhere else (check my previous Siargao post for other options). I wouldn’t want to mention it so I’d have the place to myself but there’s no point in writing this article if I won’t be sharing this information with you. We stayed in Arka Hayahay. AND it did not disappoint! Aside from their unique building structure, it’s fronting the beach plus they have good food. Also, you can’t really find this place at any booking sites which stood out for me (Update: they’re already in Agoda), I love the fact that you have to move away from the ‘convenient’ just to get to stay here. Their staff is highly commendable too! Awesome people!

Enough of sharing why I love Siargao. Just go see it for yourself but please, please, please be a responsible traveler.

Just in case you want to know, here’s how we did [our expenses] this time:

DAY 1 (In PHP)

Transportation Airport – General Luna             300.00

Motor Rides                                                               60.00

Lunch                                                                        290.00

Drinks/Refreshments                                           210.00

Dinner                                                                       200.00

Total                                                                         1060.00

DAY 2 (In PHP)

Breakfast                                                                  290.00

Motor Rides                                                               50.00

Lunch                                                                        290.00

Drinks/Refreshments/Dessert                           225.00

Dinner                                                                       360.00

Total                                                                         1215.00

DAY 3 (In PHP)

Surf Session (+ Photo)                                            550.00

Breakfast                                                                   300.00

Motor Rides                                                                60.00

Sugba Lagoon                                                        2000.00

Drinks/Refreshments/Dessert                           120.00

Dinner                                                                      390.00

Total                                                                        3420.00

DAY 4 (In PHP)

Breakfast                                                                  290.00

Boating + Food                                                        438.00

Motor Rides                                                               60.00

Drinks/Refreshments/Dessert                            240.00

Dinner                                                                       370.00

Total                                                                        1398.00

DAY 5 (In PHP)

Breakfast                                                                  220.00

Motor Rides                                                               40.00

Transportation General Luna – Airport             300.00

Terminal Fee                                                            150.00

Total                                                                           710.00

GRAND TOTAL                                                           7,803.00


Accommodation and Airfare not included.

This is not a budget travel.

I wouldn’t mind spending this much if it means that I’ll have the best time. I travel to enjoy. Spread the love! 

If you want to read my first Siargao experience, check this: DIY Trips: First Siargao Waves. You can also check What’s New [in] Siargao?.

Feel free to leave a message/comment if want to know more about this trip. If you like this article and want to see or know more about my trips and tips, follow me on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.


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