New Year in Malaysia

This post is long overdue. Just this year, my hard drive got corrupted and all my files were deleted. Yes, you read it right. All my travel photos from the beginning, gone! I was heartbroken!

Beat The HK Heat! 7 Things To Bring in Hong Kong During Summer

As much as I prefer to travel during the colder months, there are just times when my impulsive self books a ticket to a place warmer than my own country. Last month, my friend and I decided to book tickets to the fragrant harbour, Hong Kong. Unlike the Philippines, Hong Kong has three seasons (based…

Singapore in 2 Days!

Start your year right, they say. While I was in Malaysia to spend my Christmas and New Year with family, I decided to do a quick trip to Singapore. It’s been more than five years since my last visit and my excitement overpowered my fear. After all, this was my first time to travel abroad all alone.

Amazing Guandu: Taipei Flower Festival

As I was searching for places to see and things to try in Taiwan, I came across Amazing Guandu. The 2017 Amazing Guandu is a flower festival which aims to promote the Summer Universiade of Taiwan while simultaneously beautifying the city. I was fascinated so I included it in our Taiwan Itinerary. Also read: DIY Trips:…

DAY 3,4,5,6,7… Hillsong Conference!

Have you tried having down times that you can’t find any motivation to do what you really have to do? And by do, I mean write… Well, if you’ve been reading my posts, you’re well aware that I haven’t finished my Sydney ‘sequel’ just yet… Basically, Day 3 was a day intended for shopping and…

Day 2: Beach Hopping in Sydney

I’m starting to regret a little bit now that I’m writing the sequence of events during my Sydney trip. But since I already started with Day 1, might as well proceed to the second day. DAY 2 Still on the high of finally being in Sydney, I woke up early to prepare my stuff. I…

Day 1: Sydney Landmarks with Jennica

We arrived around 12 noon (SYD time). It was my first long haul flight and I was more excited than nervous. I think some travelers would agree that passing through immigration counters and customs can give you a slight panic. Usually, I don’t overthink about it but since almost all of my friends ‘warned’ me…

Exploring Nusa Penida Before Sunset

ONE DAY IS NOT ENOUGH. I honestly wished I had more time! It’s okay though because it only means I’ll have more reasons to come back.

A Watcher on the Great Wall of China

Seeing “THE” Great Wall of China from afar was already a majestic experience but being able to stand and walk on it was extremely amazing. I am overly impressed on how the wall was built. I appreciate it even more knowing that people died building the wall.