How To Get Your ICV Yellow Card Step-By-Step Guide

Post Updated Feb 24, 2023

We’re slowly getting our (travel) groove back, that’s for sure!

I’m currently preparing for an international trip and found out that I needed to secure a particular travel document. It’s the PH Bureau of Quarantine’s ICV Yellow Card, also known as the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) Card. This yellow card became widely known during the peak of the pandemic but it already existed even before that.

When I first posted about this on my socials, I did not expect to receive questions on how to get one. I’ve seen a lot of how-to videos on Instagram and TikTok but I guess some people still prefer processes and guides to be written.

So let’s begin.

What Is an ICV Card?

The International Certificate of Vaccination, also known as the Carte Jaune or Yellow Card, is an official vaccination report created by the World Health Organization. It is a document honored by most countries, as this does not only document COVID vaccines but also other vaccinations such as the ones for yellow fever and polio.

Who CAN request AN ICV CARD?

One can only request an ICV from the PH Bureau of Quarantine if he or she has been vaccinated in the Philippines and is planning to travel abroad. Vaccinations done in other countries will not be reflected in your ICV card.

Do I really need to have this?

Having an ICV is not mandatory but it serves as your proof of vaccination. Personally, I really think this document has more weight than the VaxCert since it’s from the World Health Organization. But who am I to say that?

Some countries will require this document and some will accept our VaxCert. It would be best to contact the country of your destination to know their specific requirement. If you don’t want any hiccups in your travel, then it is safe to say that you need to secure one.

So How do I get one?

Let’s break it down into easy and simple steps.


Create an account at After creating an account, log in and then book an appointment.

To book an appointment, go to BOQ Services >> Certification Services >> Certification of Vaccine for COVID-19.

Note that you need to submit an original copy of your COVID-19 vaccine card issued by the Local Government Unit (LGU). You can also present or attach your VaxCert, if for some reason you can’ present your vaccine card.

Step 2:

Set your appointment schedule and choose the method of how you want to receive or claim your ICV card. As of this writing, I think their system still has glitches when it comes to delivery/courier services so you can only book on-site appointments.

You can choose what BOQ branch is nearest and most convenient for you. After choosing your BOQ location and site, you can now check the appointment calendar. There are only two options in a day: 9:00 AM – 12:00 NN or 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM.

Step 3:

After choosing your preferred branch, date, and time, you now have to key in all the necessary information — your full name, complete address, purpose of travel, occupation, vaccination details, etc. You will also be asked to upload copies of your identification card, passport, and proof of vaccination (issued by the LGU).

Step 4:

After completing the steps above, it’s time to pay to secure your appointment schedule. The documentation fee costs ₱300.00 plus a convenience fee of ₱70.00.

You can pay via Debit or Credit Card, E-Money (GCash, PayMaya, CLiQQ), Online Banking, or other payment partners. Select the mode of payment that is most convenient for you, generate the reference number, and take note of it. You need to key in the reference number when paying, Most payment methods reflect real-time.

Step 5:

Go to your chosen branch on the day of your appointment. Bring your passport and your vaccination card/s. It won’t take too long. The entire screening and documentation process is done so quickly.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Yes, you can. You just need to log on to your BOQ account and reschedule your appointment there for free. If you fail to reschedule and you missed your appointment, you cannot claim any refunds.

If the reason for missing your scheduled appointment is medical, you may ask them to reconsider. You just have to email and attach the medical certificate proving your condition.

Can someone get my ICV on my behalf?

Any immediate family member can collect your ICV provided that they have a signed authorization letter and the representative can present a valid identification card (ID). If the authorized representative is not an immediate family member, he or she must present a “Special Power of Attorney (SPA)”.

For instances wherein you are getting an ICV for a minor, you can transact on his or her behalf however, you must present any documents such as PSA Birth Certificate to prove that you are the parent or the guardian.

I already have an ICV, how do I update it?

For those with existing ICV cards, you will still need to book an appointment online and go through the same process as though you’re getting an ICV card for the first time (booo).

Go to their website:, choose Certification Services >> Certification of Vaccine for COVID-19 >> Add Vaccine on my ICV”.

You need to upload the vaccination card for your booster or additional dose/s of COVID-19 vaccines administered in the Philippines and pay ₱300.00 for the documentation and ₱50.00 for the convenience fee. This is actually the part that I don’t get since most of the vaccines we got are free but then we have to pay to document its proof. I understand the first payment but to ask for the same amount just to update your card seems too much. But that’s just me.

Where can I request my ICV?

Here’s a list of branches you can request an ICV card.

Major IslandBOQ Station/ Satellite Office
LuzonNCR: BOQ Main Office (Manila) 
BOQ Satellite – Robinsons Manila
BOQ Satellite – SM Mall of Asia
BOQ Satellite – SM North Edsa
BOQ Satellite – City walk Eastwood
BOQ Satellite – Grand Canal (McKinley)
Region 1: BOQ Station – La Union
BOQ Station – Laoag
Region 3: BOQ Station – Bataan
BOQ Station – Clark, Pampanga
BOQ Station – Subic
BOQ Satellite – Subic Harbor Point
Region 4-A: BOQ Station – Batangas
Region 4-B: BOQ Station – Palawan
Region 5: BOQ Station – Tabaco, Albay
VisayasRegion 6: BOQ Station – Kalibo, Aklan 
BOQ Station – Iloilo
Region 7: BOQ Station – Cebu
BOQ Satellite – Robinsons Cebu
BOQ Station – Bohol
BOQ Station – Bacolod, Negros Occ.
MindanaoRegion 9: BOQ Station – Zamboanga 
Region 10: BOQ Station – Cagayan de Oro
Region 11: BOQ Station – Davao
Region 12: BOQ Station – General Santos
I’m currently traveling and lost my ICV card, what should I do?

You can request a new one once you’re back in the Philippines. Just do the same steps as getting your first ICV card. In the meantime, you can get a digital copy of your ICV card, just log on to your account and click “My Digital ICV”.

You can get a digital copy of your ICV once they have verified your information. You can also email their support if you have issues with linking your account. Surprisingly, they reply faster than expected.

I hope this answers your questions on how to get an ICV yellow card. The process is not that hard and the waiting time is bearable too. I specifically requested one for my upcoming Japan trip. I can’t wait to share that with you too!

If you have any questions, or if you want some tips, feel free to leave a comment or message via e-mail. If you like this article and want to see or know more about my other trips and tips, follow me on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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