How to Get Travel Insurance with GCash App

Post Updated Feb 24, 2023

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It allows you to explore and experience new cultures, appreciate beautiful landscapes and sceneries, and create lifelong memories. However, travel can also be unpredictable. Unforeseen circumstances and unexpected things can happen that could ruin your trip, worse, put you in financial difficulty.

Travel revenge is real. Everyone is out and about. Flights are getting packed which is good for the industry but this could also mean lost baggages, flight delays and/or overbookings.

That’s where travel insurance comes in. Long are the days of skipping travel insurance add-ons! Be it a weekend trip or a week-long vacation, travel insurance is essential and a must-have. Let’s talk more about it and let’s normalize getting one when we travel, shall we?

Why do I need to have travel insurance?

#1 Medical Emergencies

One of the most important reasons to have travel insurance is for medical emergencies. If you become sick or injured while traveling, you could end up with huge medical bills that could put a serious strain on your finances. Finding and having a good insurance policy will cover the cost of your medical treatment, hospitalization, and/or emergency medical evacuation.

#2 Trip Cancellation or Interruption

This is one of my personal reasons why I now get a travel insurance policy whenever I travel. If, for any unforeseen situation, you need to cut your trip short or your airline of choice decided to cancel your flight/s, your travel insurance could compensate you. You can file a claim to pay for your lost travel expenses (plane tickets and accommodation bookings).

#3 Lost or Stolen Luggage

Lost or stolen luggage may be covered by your travel insurance. It can pay for the price of replacing your belongings if your luggage is stolen or damaged, guaranteeing that you’re not left without essentials or personal items while traveling

I’ve read of several experiences from different travelers about their lost and damaged baggages and how their insurance policies were able to compensate them. On my last trip to Singapore, my friend’s bag got damaged and we were able to request compensation for it. They will either replace your bag or give you money.

#4 Personal Liability

Travel insurance can also cover personal liabilities, which means that if you accidentally caused damage to someone else’s property or harm someone while traveling, the price of any legal fees or compensation claims will be covered by your insurance policy.

#5 Peace of Mind

Peace is all we need. Unwind and enjoy your trip without worrying about the possible financial repercussions of unexpected circumstances.

SO How do I get travel insurance?

Before deciding what travel insurance you should get, first determine your coverage needs. Start by thinking about the kind of trip you are taking and any potential coverage requirements. Compare different travel insurance providers and know their reviews.

If you’re in a travel support group, it’s best to ask other travelers about their experiences. Once you’ve found the policy you’re interested in, make sure to read the policy carefully. Some travel insurance policies are not applicable to certain countries. Understand the claims and the process on how to file a claim.

Almost everything is digital nowadays so getting a travel insurance has been made easier. You don’t have to go to an office or contact an agent to get an insurance policy. There are digital and cashless options now.

On my recent trips, I’ve been getting my travel insurance using the GCash App. The GCash App is available for Android and iOS devices. You need to have a GCash account to be able to get a travel insurance.

Get insured with GInsure

Travel Protect International (in GCash) is a comprehensive and cashless travel insurance plan that protects the policyholder from certain financial risks and losses that can occur while traveling, including COVID-19.

You can follow these easy steps to get your travel insurance using the GCash App:

Open your GCash App and click GInsure >> Travel >> Travel Protect International.

Click Agree >> Travel Protect International (Cashless Benefit). Read the full details of the insurance and click Get Started.

Agree to the Data Privacy Act by clicking Submit. Fill in all the required information such as travel dates, destination, etc. Review your policy details and information before clicking Get Policy.

Double-check your personal information and the policy details before confirming and paying.

You will receive a text message and a confirmation email after successfuly paying. Your Policy Contract and other Policy Documents will be sent immediately to the policy owner’s email address.

If you were not able to receive your policy within 24 hours, you may send an email directly to

Benefits of Travel Protect International

Travel Protect International provides the following benefits during travel:

Travel Inconvenience Benefit
• Loss of Personal Money                                                    
• Car Rental Excess Protection                                         
• Trip Cancellation including claims due to/ arising from COVID-19        
• Delayed Departure (Outbound and Inbound)                                            
Trip Postponement                                                
• Missed Connection (Outbound and Inbound)                                                 
• Diversion of Trip (outbound and inbound)                                               
• Inconvenience Cash Assistance for Delayed Departure, Missed Connection, and Diversion of Trip (Not Receipted)                                     
• Trip Termination including claims due to/ arising from COVID-19   
• Baggage Delay                                                     
• Inconvenience Cash Assistance for Baggage Delay (Not Receipted)
• Loss or Damaged Baggage                                             
• Hijack
Emergency Medical Assistance• Medical Treatment including claims due to/ arising from COVID-19
• Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation         
• Repatriation of Mortal Remains                                                   
• Care of Minor Child/ren                                                     
• Compassionate Visit                                              
• Delivery of MedicineHospital Income
• Emergency Dental Care                            
Personal Accident Benefit • Accidental Death
• Permanent Total Disablement
• Burial Assistance                           
• Personal Liability

Who’s Eligible to get Travel Protect International?

Those who are:

  • Age 0-59 years old
  • Traveling for vacation, study or seminars, and conferences

Individuals between 60 -75 years of age may be covered but are subject to a premium surcharge. Travel Protect International doesn’t cover people, specifically skilled workers whose purpose of travel is employment. COVID-19 high-risk occupations such as healthcare workers and nursing professionals are also excluded.

How can I file a claim for Travel Protect International?

To file a claim for Travel Protect Saver Plus, visit  the Standard Insurance  Claims Portal and contact Standard Insurance via the following channels:

Representatives from Standard Insurance will assist and direct you in the claim procedure. You will also need to prepare the following:

  1. Fully accomplished claim form
  2. Incident Report/Letter of Request
  3. Copy of Insurance Policy
  4. Original Official Receipt of all payments made
  5. Copy of flight itinerary and boarding pass
  6. Copy of passport (pages with details and dates stamped for entry and departure)

Can I upgrade or make changes to my insurance policy?

You may request refunds, amendments, or cancellations, just send a written request to before the start date of the coverage/policy. All requests will be subject to approval.

Aside from GCash, what other travel insurance should I get?

I personally have tried Standard Insurance, Malayan Insurance, and Pacific Cross. I’d recommend them all but I would prefer Standard Insurance and Malayan Insurance for the very reason that it’s very accessible, available on the GCash App, insurance representatives are easy to reach, and their customer service is good,

For more information, visit

I hope you’ll realize how important it is to get your travel insurance. Of course, we don’t want anything bad to happen but it’s always better to be prepared.

If you have any questions, or if you want some tips, feel free to leave a comment or message via e-mail. If you like this article and want to see or know more about my other trips and tips, follow me on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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