Amuma Spa: Self-Care is Self-Love in Action

Post Updated Feb 24, 2023

The best gift you can give yourself is self-care.

What better way to celebrate love month than to treat yourself to a good pampering session. Amuma Spa in Bluewater Resorts offers a relaxing treat this love month. If you’re thinking of what to gift or do with your loved ones, consider this.

Gugma sa Kaugalingon — which means self-love in English, is an exclusive Amuma Spa promotion that includes 60 minutes of Swedish Massage, 45 minutes of Tropical Facial, 30 minutes of Sauna, ₱500-worth of food and beverage credits, free use of the resort’s main pool and beach. This specific Amuma Experience costs ₱5,990.00 net per person and is only valid from February 1-26, 2023.

Quick fun fact, just in case you don’t know — Amuma is a Cebuano term that means “care” or “nurture”.

Amuma Spa Services

Aside from the love month promo, Amuma Spa in Bluewater Resorts has plenty of other services you can choose from — traditional and non-traditional massage therapies, reflexology, and body treatments.

Here’s a list for easy reference:

ServiceDurationStandard RateMember’s Rate
Amuma Signature Hilot90 minutes₱ 3,900₱ 3,120
Hilot Lamang (Swedish Massage)90 minutes₱ 3,100₱ 2,500
Hilot Albon (Dry Massage)60 minutes₱ 2,800₱ 2,240
Hilot sa Batong Mainit90 minutes₱ 3,490₱ 2,800
Head, Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage30 minutes₱ 1,000₱ 800
Foot Massage30 minutes₱ 1,000₱ 800
Pikpik sa Kawayan sa Siki (Foot Care)60 minutes₱ 1,750₱ 1,400
Foot Reflexology60 minutes₱ 1,500₱ 1,200
Kisig Amuma60 minutes₱ 2,500₱ 2,000
Papaya Body Wrap90 minutes₱ 3,500₱ 3,000
Amuma Paligo90 minutes₱ 3,200₱ 3,000

Farm to Spa

What makes Amuma Spa different from other spas in Cebu is their Farm to Spa concept. They harvest from their own farms and grounds to use as ingredients for their spa treatments.

Amuma Spa strives to keep its ingredients free from additives or preservatives, fresh and natural whenever possible. They use fresh Banana fronds to loosen tense muscles and warm honey to nourish the skin. You’ll be amazed at how unique their services are.

Amuma also advocates supporting local farmers by getting some of their ingredients from them. Buying local means supporting your local community as well as ensuring the freshness of goods as they don’t need to travel great distances.

My Amuma Experience

I started my Amuma Experience in the Sauna.

My friend (@OffDutyMama) and I were escorted to the sauna area which is right behind the open-massage area and in-house guest pool. It’s not my first sauna experience but it’s one of the largest saunas I’ve tried in Cebu. If you’re wondering what the benefits of sauna bathing are, it includes recovery of sore muscles, less muscle and joint pains, skin health and anti-aging, detoxification, and reduced stress.

After our sauna session, we went back inside the Amuma Spa building and were escorted upstairs to our massage room. We were treated to a good full-body Swedish massage followed by facials. It was my first time experiencing that kind of facial. At first, I wondered what they were applying on our faces only to find out they were all-natural.

My overall experience was great and I got to relax after weeks of endless tasks, trips, and work trips. We had lunch in Allegro, Bluewater Maribago’s main restaurant. Allegro offers al fresco dining by the main poolside patios. The restaurant is open 24 hours daily and is popular for its ala carte and buffet menu options. Allegro also has themed dinners with Barrio Fiesta being the famous one since it showcases local culture through live cultural presentations.

After having lunch, we just stayed by the beach. I love chilling by the beach, it calms and relaxes me. We then called it a day.

Bluewater Resorts

Bluewater Resorts has two resorts in Cebu — Bluewater Maribago and Bluewater Sumilon. Both resorts have Amuma Spas. If you are looking to avail of their services, you can easily contact them at +632 263 4410 local 7400 for Amuma Maribago, and +632 318 9098 for Amuma Sumilon.

Bluewater Maribago

Bluewater Maribago is a lush seven-hectare tropical paradise that embodies Cebu’s island culture and vibe. It has been part of my childhood since we mostly held parties and gatherings here when I was younger.

The resort has four accommodation types: Royal Bungalow, Premiere Deluxe, Amuma Spa Suite, and Deluxe. These rooms differ in floor space and amenities. For more details, you may visit their official website at

Bluewater Sumilon

Hidden paradise — that’s all I have to say.

Visiting Bluewater Sumilon is like having an adventure island all to yourself. It’s the perfect place if you want to unplug from the busy city life and get lost in nature. This 24-hectare island is located at the Southeastern tip of Cebu and is surrounded by white sand beaches and pristine waters. It is also home to the Philippines’ first marine sanctuary.

Bluewater Sumilon is one of my favorite resorts in Cebu, no bias. You have to see it for yourself. I also wrote a separate blog about this. You can check it here: Cebu’s Diving Heaven, Sumilon Island.

Bluewater Panglao

This Bluewater resort is not in Cebu but in Bohol. It’s a two-hour boat ride away from Cebu so it’s relatively near. Bohol has been one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Philippines as it houses the iconic Chocolate Hills and is home to the world’s second-smallest primate — the tarsier.

Among the three resorts, this resort is the new one. I haven’t visited Bluewater Panglao yet but I’m planning to visit soon. Bluewater Panglao is located in the heart of Panglao Island in Bohol. It highlights 86 well-appointed rooms, numerous island activities, snorkeling, diving, fishing and boat tours, dolphin and whale watching, two free-form lagoon-shaped swimming pools, a full-service restaurant and bar, and finally the acclaimed Amuma Spa.

Bohol is not new to me as it is my mother’s hometown. I’ll definitely come back to visit Bluewater Panglao but for now, you can check their official website for more information on their accommodations and amenities.

Take a moment for yourself and indulge in some much-needed self-care at Amuma Spa and Bluewater Resorts. Recharge your mind, body, and soul. Relax and unwind by the beach. Remember to treat yourself because you deserve it!

If you have any questions, or if you want some tips, feel free to leave a comment or message via e-mail. If you like this article and want to see or know more about my other trips and tips, follow me on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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