Alchemist Khong Guan: A Singapore Third Wave Coffee House

If you’ve read about my travels, you’d know by now how I love to explore different food spots and sometimes base my itinerary on the restaurants or food stalls I want to try.

When the pandemic hit, I got interested in third wave coffee and started learning how to brew coffee at home. When restrictions got lifted, I began to explore more coffee houses locally.

Fast forward to today, I finally traveled internationally for the first time after the long pandemic lockdown. I’ve been to several coffee shops out of the country and this wasn’t my first time visiting Singapore but I didn’t care much about how coffee was brewed back then. This time I got a little bit excited exploring new found spots!

My body can only take one cup (max) a day, so I tried to spread out our itinerary to make sure I can try several coffee shops in Singapore. I’ve read a lot of Singapore blogs and Alchemist was one of the most recommended coffee shops so I made sure to visit.


Alchemist started out as a small takeaway coffee outpost in International Plaza, Tanjong Pagar. It opened its second branch in Hong Leong Building, 16 Raffles Quay and its third branch in Khong Guan Building, Tai Seng. They also now have branches in CIMB Plaza, Raffles, The Mill, Jalan Kilang, and Design Orchard, Orchard Road.

The one I visited was their branch in Tai Seng, housed in a national heritage landmark. Alchemist @ Khong Guan serves as their HQ and flagship outlet. It has a coffee roastery at the back and an island-open concept coffee bar at the front.

The three-storey refurbished building where it is located is worth the visit in itself given its history and unique design. It existed even before Singapore’s independence and was given a conservation status in 2005. Interesting right?

Getting There

Singapore has one of the most efficient public transportation systems in Asia. Getting to places is easy.

The Alchemist HQ @ Khong Guan is pretty easy to locate. When in Singapore, just go to your nearest MRT station, head to Tai Seng and take Exit A. The coffee house is just a five-minute walk from there. From a far, you can easily spot the building’s unique design.

You can also use this address if you prefer to take a car or hail a cab:
Alchemist HQ @ Khong Guan Building
2 MacTaggart Rd, #01-01 Khong Guan Building, Singapore 368078

Opening Hours

The coffee house is open Mondays to Fridays at 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Saturdays and Sundays at 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Unlike their other branches, Alchemist @ Khong Guan has a seating space for dine-in customers.


Their menu is pretty straightforward just how I like it — coffee, non-coffee and pastries. They don’t have plenty of options so you won’t have a hard time choosing what to order. You can also ask their baristas what they could recommend.

Here’s a link to their menu.

We tried their Haru Suke Ethiopia pour over coffee as it was recommended by their barista and their iced chocolate too. Their pastries aren’t bad but I’ve tasted better.

In general, I love the exterior design of the building and Alchemist’s modern-minimalist interior. I just wish they incorporated something from Khong Guan Biscuit Factory in their offerings, elevating the entire experience with a hint of nostalgia.

For more information, you can check their website

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