New Normal Summer at Bunzie’s Cove Tabogon


Summer is finally here! Sure, our vacation plans have been changed drastically due to our current situation. This pandemic has stopped us from travelling to our usual vacation destinations but it also has given us a chance to explore our own local spots.

No matter the season, Siargao has been my go-to local destination. But ever since quarantine started, I’ve never even tried to check flights to go there. Why? I’m still scared to fly or be in a plane. And even when they say cases are low to none, you’ll never know when you’ll catch the c-virus.

Fortunately, I’m just waiting for my second jab and I’ll fully be vaccinated. This had me entertaining the thought of traveling again. Slowly but surely of course. There’s no need for me to go far, yet…. Unlike before, I can’t just easily pack my bags, book a ticket or go wherever. I need to know first if the place is packed or if it’s a hotspot.

Thank goodness Cebu is slowly recovering with its COVID cases going down and vaccines being rolled out. I can calmly look for local destinations to explore. One of the destinations that I can recommend is Bunzie’s Cove in Tabogon, Cebu.

Bunzie’s Cove is located in the northeastern part of Cebu and is called the Caribbean Cove of Cebu, with views of Tabogon Bay and Camotes Sea. It is a boutique vacation home and is quite secluded. If it’s exclusivity that you’re looking for, then you might want to consider Bunzie’s Cove.

Getting There

By Private Car or Car Rental

Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to Bunzie’s Cove 2. Bunzie’s Cove is located in Barangay Muabog, Tabogon, Cebu. It will take approximately three (3) hours to get ther from Cebu city proper. Parking space is available.

By Bus

Hop on a Bus going to Tabogon. I’m not exactly sure how much is the fare these days given our current situation but it would probably not go over 200 pesos. Make sure to tell the conductor that you are heading to Bunzie’s Cove. You can ask the conductor to drop you off exactly at the gate of Bunzie’s Cove.

I would still highly recommend getting a private transport service for safety purposes.


It’s accommodation spaces are light, breezy, and pleasing to the eye. It’s a mix of rustic and modern. The resort owner, as far as I know, has an eye for art so most of the rooms have artworks made by local and international artists. If you want to take a break and unplug, this is the place to be since there’s no television, internet or even phone signal.

Bunzie’s Cove have private villas that are situated distant from each other. There is a kitchen/dining area except for the guestroom and the payag. Guests are allowed to bring their food or cook their own food, you just have to inform the resort management so they can arrange this for you.

Aside from the natural landscape of the place and the panoramic views of the sea, one can also enjoy taking a dip at their pools. If you’re not a fan of the beach, then you have an option to take a dip at the Main Villa pool or the pool near the Lookout Beach House.

Main Villa 13,500/night (weekday), 16,500/night (weekend)

This has one of the biggest spaces, particularly known for the mural on its high ceiling. It is a fully-furnished bungalow with a loft and kitchen, perfect for your family or your barkada as it can house ten (10) people.

Lookout Beach House 13,500/night (weekday), 16,500/night (weekend)

Same with the main villa, this also has a huge space and is directly facing the beach, hence the name The Lookout Beach House. It has its own pool, kitchen and shower room and can house ten (10) people as well.

Apartment Unit 5,500/night

Have the solitude you always wanted! This apartment unit, fronting the beach, can house up to five (5) people.

Seaview Suite Php 3,500/night

From the name itself, it is facing the picturesque sea. It can accommodate two (2) people, perfect for couples planning a getaway. This is surely a serene place where you can relax and have alone time.

Bunzie’s Bar Php 3,500/night

Fronting the cove, the Bunzie’s Bar is nestled on the cliff. It has a suspended terrace overlooking the sea and can accommodate two (2) people. This unit is near the Main Villa.

Other Accommodations

They also have the payag and the guestroom. It can house two (2) people and four (4) people respectively.

Additional Fees

Extra person Php 500/head

  • Main Villa Upper- max of 2 extra
  • Seaview Villa – 1 pax
  • Bunzie’s Bar – 2 pax
  • Apartment – 2 pax

Maid service Php 250/day

Cook Php 550/day

Bangka Cruise Php 700/person (check for availability and updated rates)

Contact the resort for availability, updated rates, and special arrangements. You can add people and extra beds but they have a limit for each accommodation so it’s best to ask them before booking anything. You may reach them at +63922 340 2651, email them at, or message them on their facebook page.

Rates and other information indicated in this post may change without any notice. Don’t hesitate to let me know for any updated information. I know most resorts have adjusted their rates and are offering discounts so make use of that. I hope this helped you plan your next getaway. Please don’t forget to observe proper health protocols, don’t forget to practice social distancing, and explore responsibly.

If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to reach out to me.

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