Unique Baguio Experience: 113 Wagner Cafe

Post Updated Feb 24, 2023

January has been a pretty hectic month for me. I started the year with a solo road trip North of Cebu, followed by two trips to Luzon. And before January ended, I visited Baguio.

It’s not my first time going up the mountains of Baguio since I have a few friends from there. I first visited the city of pines when I was in high school but I never had the chance to share any of my experiences, at least not in writing.

A friend of mine went to Baguio for the holidays and she asked me if I had a blog entry she can use as her reference. I didn’t have one at that time but I’ve made plans to visit Baguio with my friend Janine (@OffDutyMama) since last year.

This time around, I’m finally sharing my Baguio experience.

I started 2023 documenting small or big discoveries — food, place, experience, anything under the sun. So here’s one entry to my Baguio discoveries.

113 Wagner Cafe

During the pandemic, I developed my interest in manual coffee brewing and this led me to meet people in the coffee community. From that particular group, I get recommendations on what cafes or coffee shops to try.

113 Wagner Cafe is not really a coffee shop but a fine-dining, semi-exclusive restaurant tucked in the suburbs of Baguio. I stumbled upon this cafe while fixing our Baguio Itinerary, looking for good coffee spots. We already had restaurants in mind but somehow I found this hidden gem and I knew we had to try it for the experience.

“When one door closes, another one opens”

A lot of businesses have closed down during the peak of the pandemic. It was sad to see classic restaurants and shops terminate their operations. Everything Nice in SM Baguio, owned by Techie Maravillas Pantaleon, was one of the classic Baguio cafes but it had to be closed down.

A few months after, Techie Pantaleon decided to open her home to host intimate and unique dining experiences. That’s when 113 Wagner Cafe was born. It was a bold move for the Pantaleon family but it definitely paid off.

Getting there

By Taxi
One of the things I really like in Baguio is their affordable taxi fares. You can easily hail a cab to bring you to 113 Wagner Cafe. Just tell the driver to drop you off at the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Regional Office on Wagner Road. The gate to the cafe is down the road a few meters from CSC. You will likely see someone by the gate who will confirm if you have made any reservations.

By Public Transportation (Jeepney)
If you like to take the jeepney, ride the ones with “Military Cut-Off” signage and tell the driver to drop you off at the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Regional Office. There is a small signage by the road, walk towards the gate that has a 113 number on it.

By Private Car
Google Maps is your best friend. If you are planning to bring a car, just use your maps to navigate towards Wagner Road. They have a limited car park but I’m pretty sure you can inform them ahead that you will be bringing a car to secure a parking slot.

Ambiance & Experience

We arrived earlier than our reserved time slot. We had to wait by the bench outside. Our reservation was at 5:30 PM; they opened their gate at 5:00 PM.

From the outside, we were already able to see a sneak peek of the place. Their garden is sooooo beautiful, any plant lover will swoon. An interior landscape artist had designed a portion of their garden and did an amazing job! The initial thought was to host dinners but the Pantaleon children encouraged their mom to turn their home into a restaurant.

The moment you step in the gate, you will be greeted by their staff and escorted to your table. The experience is unique and personalized. It’s definitely a must-visit and a must-try when in Baguio.


You can choose from the three (3) set menu options — Mom’s Homemade Feast, Western Celebration, and Farm Fresh Food.

113 Wagner Cafe Menu

We tried the Farm Fresh Food set since we wanted to try their steak. It was a course meal so each dish was served after the other. It was a fancy experience that I’m willing to do again.

I love their Tomato Soup, Mashed Potato, Linguini Pasta, Coffee, and Lemon Grass Tea. I am not a tea person but for some reason, I liked their Lemon Grass Tea. I also ordered fresh pressed orange juice and it was so good.

I prefer my steak medium rare which they were able to deliver but I feel like I wanted more salt and pepper with it (personal preference). It’s also important to remember that Baguio’s weather will make any food become cold faster. I failed to ask if they would allow food to be heated mid-dining.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed everything from that set menu. I wanted to try their cakes for dessert but the one served with our set is their Vanilla Panna Cotta. I was so full I had a hard time finishing my dessert but it tasted good, the sweetness was just right. I will definitely come back to try the rest of their food.

113 Wagner Cafe’s food selection is carefully curated bringing comfort to those who try it. Their doors are open daily for lunch and dinner but walk-ins are not allowed. You need to reserve at least three days before your preferred date. You may contact them directly on their socials (@113wagnercafe) for their available time slots.

If you have any questions, or if you want some tips, feel free to leave a comment or message via e-mail. If you like this article and want to see or know more about my other trips and tips, follow me on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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