PAL Makes Cebu the Queen of Gateways

Philippine Airlines, the Philippines’ flag carrier, is expanding its Cebu hub with new routes and pioneer services.

Philippine Airlines is embarking on a significant expansion of its network hub in Cebu City with its Larga Ta, Cebu! campaign, introducing new regional and domestic routes out of Mactan-Cebu International Airport. PAL shared this great news during the media event at Radisson Blu Hotel and PAL Bloggers Night in Marco Polo Plaza Cebu last Wednesday, November 23, 2022.

“Philippine Airlines hopes to build up Cebu as the Queen of Gateways, strategically positioned as the ideal gateway to the tourist islands and provincial economic centers of the Visayas and Mindanao, and beyond Northern Luzon and Palawan,” said PAL President and Chief Operating Officer Capt. Stanley K. Ng during a press conference at Cebu’s Radisson Blu Hotel.

Through this campaign, PAL aims to provide Filipinos and foreign tourists easy access to the Philippines’ best beaches and resorts, business hubs, and economic centers. PAL’s goal is to revitalize domestic travel and economic development by leveraging the strength of the Queen City of the South and enhancing its connectivity to all corners of the nation.

New Routes

December will be full of new and renewed routes with Philippine Airlines. From Mactan-Cebu, PAL will offer more than 200 weekly flights to 19 destinations, comprising 17 cities in the Philippines as well as Bangkok and Tokyo.

Cebu – Baguio

Starting December 16, 2022, in a historic first for Philippine aviation, PAL will kick off direct flights between Cebu and Baguio, the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

I’ve always wanted direct flights to Baguio as it saves more time and is really convenient. Now I have more reasons to explore the northern part of the Philippines!

  • PR 2230 Cebu-Baguio will operate every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, departing Mactan-Cebu at 8:50 AM and arriving at Baguio Loakan Airport at 10:50 AM.
  • PR 2231 Baguio- Cebu will operate every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, departing Baguio at 11:10 AM and arriving in Cebu at 1:00 PM.
Cebu – Borongan

On December 16, PAL will offer direct twice-weekly services between Cebu and Borongan City, the surfing capital of the Visayas, and home to pristine caves, waterfalls, and other natural treasures.

  • PR 2651 Cebu-Borongan flies every Monday and Friday, departing at 11:00 AM and arriving at Borongan Airport at 12:00 NN.
  • PR 2652 Borongan-Cebu flies every Monday and Friday, departing at 12:30 PM and arriving in Mactan-Cebu at 12:30 PM.
Cebu – BARMM (Cotabato and Tawi-Tawi)

What better way to start December than launching a new route! PAL will service direct flights between Cebu and Cotabato City, twice weekly. The flights will be part of a one-stop service between Cebu and Tawi-Tawi, offering travelers an easy link to the southernmost islands of the Philippines without having to fly first north to Manila for a connection.

I’ve always wanted to visit and explore Tawi-Tawi’s beaches and natural treasures. This is something I’m personally excited about!

  • PR 2223 Cebu-Cotabato flies every Monday and Thursday, departing at 5:20 AM and arriving at Cotabato Awang Airport at 6:35 AM.
  • PR 2224 Cotabato-Cebu flies every Monday and Thursday, departing at 11:00 AM and arriving at Mactan-Cebu International Airport at 12:15 PM.
  • PR 2487 Cebu-Tawi-Tawi flights will depart Cebu at 5:20 AM every Monday and Thursday; and will arrive at 8:30 AM, after a stop in Cotabato.
  • PR 2488 Tawi-Tawi-Cebu flights will depart from Tawi-Tawi at 9:00 AM and will fly via Cotabato before making its final stop in Cebu at 12:15 PM.
Cebu – Bangkok

Philippine Airlines will reopen direct flights between Cebu City and Bangkok with twice-weekly service scheduled every Monday and Friday beginning December 9, 2022.

I’ve flown this route before, that was my last international trip before the pandemic lockdown. I’m happy PAL is finally reopening this route. I’d much prefer to fly from Cebu than pass by the ever-busy and always-packed NAIA.

The Cebu-Bangkok flights will serve as a gateway to easily access central Bangkok and make connections to the other cities of Thailand.

  • PR 738 Cebu-Bangkok will fly every Monday and Friday, departing at 9:30 AM
  • PR 739 Bangkok-Cebu will fly every Monday and Friday, departing at 1:30 PM

PAL will operate the service with a 199-seater Airbus A321 aircraft.

More Cebu Hub Flights

As travel is slowly going back to normal, a lot of countries are also reopening their borders. Philippine Airlines is ramping up flights and is considering to resume direct flights to other countries. It is looking to reopen flights between Cebu and other cities in Japan. More details will be announced in due course when plans and schedules are finalized.

PAL is also seeing to add more flights from Cebu to Bacolod and Boracay, as we near the holiday season.

In addition to these developments, Philippine Airlines continues to expand its global network in a calibrated and gradual manner, as part of the restoration of the Philippines’ international and inter-island air linkages after the hiatus of the pandemic.

I just came from an international trip and I have seen how the travel scene has improved since the start of the pandemic. I am very happy to see more developments from our local travel industry. I cannot wait to explore more places! Yay to more direct flights!

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