My Go-To Budget-Friendly GrabFood Picks

Even before the pandemic began, Grab has been my go-to app when ordering takeaway meals and snacks. I live in the provincial part of Cebu so my options are kind of limited when it comes to deliveries but thanks to GrabFood I get to order from distant restaurants and food kiosks hassle-free. 

It’s even better now since there are already lots of restaurant options in the app. I can find  Everyday Value Meals for as low as 30 pesos! 

Sometimes when I’m so into my work, I forget to prepare my meals but thanks to GrabFood, I can quickly order whatever I’m craving for.

Like I said, there’s plenty of options to choose from but I’ll only be sharing five (5) of my go-to sulit and budget-friendly GrabFood picks.

#1 First on the list is Ngohiong Express

I honestly love ordering from Ngohiong Express. My go-to order surprisingly does not include ngohiong. Most of the time, if not always, I order their Siomai meal (₱68), Skinless Longganisa meal (₱68) and Tempura (₱30). 

#2 Next is a Cebu classic — Orange Brutus

Fun fact: Orange Brutus is a homegrown restaurant so you can never find this in other parts of the Philippines. My go-to food would be their Chicken meal (₱94), Burger Steak meal (₱155) and the ever delicious Chocolate Monster Cake (₱85/slice). It’s my first time trying out their Shawarma Rice (₱105) and I actually like it!

#3 Next on the list is Tiktilaok! 

Ever since I lived by myself, I don’t usually order roasted or grilled chicken simply because I cannot finish a whole chicken. But thanks to Tiktilaok, I can enjoy their honey and garlic flavored roasted chicken guilt-free because they come in small sizes. Their meals go as low as ₱95 but I’d suggest getting their TWOSOME Bundle for ₱160 or their Quarter Chicken + 3 Rice for ₱145 if you are famished. Hah! 

#4 Zip ‘N Sip

I know Zip ‘N Sip sells drinks but usually whenever I order, I keep it in the freezer for a while and voila — I now have ice cream! My go-to order is their Avocado Graham (₱180) or their Ube Macapuno (₱230). I also tried their Lemon Yakult for ₱120. You may think they’re pricey but trust me, it’s sulit! 

#5 Coolers Delight

Sweet tooth alert! Yes, I love dessert! So I’m going to end my list with another dessert option — Coolers Delight! They serve milk teas, classic Pinoy halo-halo, shakes, fries and they even have Pizza Pedricos on their menu. But what caught my attention was their Mango Graham Float (₱117) and Mais Con Yelo (₱117), best consumed when chilled!

Where to Find GrabFood Everyday Value Meals?

Simply go to your Grab app or download the app if you don’t have one. Click Food, then go to the “Starts at 99” tile. Some of the restaurants even offer discounts and promos, so you better check it out! 

With GrabFood’s Everyday Value Meals, you no longer have to worry about your next meal of the day! So what are you craving for? I-Grab mo na yan 😉

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