Fresh Sights, New Jumps at the Badian Canyoneering Adventure

Verdant, fresh landscapes and two more jump spots at the New Badian Canyoneering Adventure are attracting first-time and repeat adventurers to the southern Cebu town. Since its resumption in February, foreign and domestic tourists have taken the plunge from these gorges of between ten and 60 feet.

As Badian steps up efforts in environmental protection and rehabilitation, it has also added tree-planting as an activity for campers, trekkers and canyoneers.

Department of Tourism-Central Visayas (DOT7) Regional Director Shahlimar Hofer Tamano recently test-ran the canyoneering route and hailed the new elements integrated into the experience as “refreshing additions.” “The Badian experience is nothing less than exhilarating. Canyoneering is an exciting product in itself. Add to the equation a naturally re-designed landscape and new activities to enjoy and you have something worth looking forward to,” Tamano said.

Canyoneering, or canyoning, largely defines the tourism landscape of Badian and its neighboring municipality of Alegria, bringing a deluge of as many as 300 daily guests to the two southern Cebu towns in the period before March 2020.

The pandemic suddenly shut down the activity as lockdowns were mandated. The local government, guides and private stakeholders prepared for re-opening in late 2021, but plans had to be shelved due to the destruction wrought by typhoon Odette. Clearing the terrestrial and river routes of the storm debris took all of two months.

The typhoon reset most of the sights along the canyoneering route. Fresh growths of various plants and tree species can now be seen in the area.

TEST RUN: A team from the Department of Tourism- Central Visayas (DOT7) led by Regional Director Shahlimar Hofer Tamano (at right in left photo) together with local guides and the Badian Tourism Office recently tested the New Badian Canyoneering Adventure. 

Two new promontories have been identified and added to make a total of eight jump spots offered to thrill- and adventure-seeking guests.

Visitors may anticipate a new adventure altogether, starting with a trek to lush Barangay Sulsogan. Guests may plant Narra or Tugas saplings where the LGU has designated a tree-planting area along the route. 

The first jump into the inviting pool of deep blue happens from an imposing promontory in Sulsogan and continues through 2.54-kilometers of thrills, passing through picturesque Barangay Baljaan before landing in the well-known Barangay Matutinao segment of the Kawasan river system. 

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