Pet-Friendly Paradise in Mangodlong, Camotes Cebu

I’m so happy to be back at one of our favorite resorts in Camotes, Cebu. This time, we brought our little guy with us. It’s my first time traveling with a pet. I’ve only tried land travel with my pets before. I haven’t tried riding a plane or a boat with a live animal so this is a whole new experience for me.

I searched for blog posts and asked a few friends who tried traveling with their pets. There is little to no information regarding this topic that’s why I decided to write one since it’s easier to make than other forms of content plus you can just bookmark this! *Wink wink*

Pet-Friendly Paradise

There are only a few options for pet-friendly resorts in Cebu and I’m so happy to share that Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort is one of them.

Nestled in the serene fishermen’s village of Mangodlong, Heminsulan, San Francisco, Camotes Island, Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort brings luxurious relaxation to anyone who visits. If you want to unplug from the hustle-bustle of the city and just relax by the beach or their infinity pool, then this is the place to be.

Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort has 28 rooms with a modern and Asian aesthetic. I was smitten when I first visited last 2016. We were supposed to go around and explore Camotes Island but because we were so pleased with the resort, we decided to just stay in and I don’t regret a thing.

Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort allows pets inside the resort premises as long as they are leashed. Upon arrival, guests will have to sign a waiver or form with the resort guidelines on bringing pets. There is no additional charge if you bring your pets, just make sure to inform the resort management ahead of time.

Pet owners must clean after their pets. There are lots of trash bins around the resort so there’s no need to worry about where to throw your pet’s dirt and trash. It is best not to leave pets unattended to avoid any accidents within the resort. Pets are allowed to use the beach, but they are prohibited in the pool. All these rules can be found in the waiver and the resort staff will review these guidelines with you.

Resort Amenities 

What I like most about staying in Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort is the exclusivity. Although there are many rooms that can accommodate many guests, it didn’t feel like the resort is packed. It even seemed as if we were the only ones staying in the resort.

On top of their well-designed rooms, the view from the resort is just amazing. We took the 2:30 PM trip to Consuelo, Camotes and were greeted with the turquoise clear waters with a backdrop of the sun setting on the horizon. It was the perfect view.

We booked a Cabana but they have several room options.

Standard Room – The room has a matrimonial bed and costs Php3300.00 per night.

Deluxe Room – The room has two (2) single beds and costs Php3660.00 per night.

Beach Front Room – The room has a queen bed and costs Php3900.00 per night.

Cabana A – The room has one (1) matrimonial bed and one (1) single bed. It costs Php3900.00 per night.

Cabana B – The room has a matrimonial bed and costs Php4140.00 per night.

Two-bedroom Cabana – One room has a king bed while the second room has a queen bed. The room costs Php6900.00 per night.

Paradise Suite –  The room has one (1) king bed and costs Php7500.00 per night.

Two-bedroom Suite – One room has a matrimonial bed while the second room has two (2) single beds. The room costs Php7500.00 per night.

The resort has a Restaurant, a Bamboo Café for some fine dining experience, and a Sunset Bar for cocktails while sitting by the beach or listening to the waves. The pool-side bar is still not operational but you can order food and drinks at the restaurant and ask the resort staff to be served by the pool.

The resort allows day use of the pool and beach only if the resort is not fully-booked. Day use of the pool is only from Monday ’til Thursday.


Option 1: Arrange a car rental that will bring you to Danao Port. Secure your tickets to ride the boat to Camotes Island.

Option 2: Ride a bus that will drop you off Sands Mall in Danao City. Secure your tickets to ride the boat to Camotes Island.

Option 3: Bring a car to the island. Go to Danao Port, fix your papers and permits to transport your car. Transport fee for the car ranges between Php2000.00 and Php3000.00. You can stay inside the car while waiting for boarding. The driver’s fare is free of charge, you just have to pay for the boat fares if you have other companions.

Option 4: Bring a car to Danao, leave the car at an overnight parking area near the port. Secure your tickets to ride the boat to Camotes Island.

The ticketing area is inside Sands Mall in Danao City, just beside Danao Port. You need to secure your boat tickets first since they sell out soooooo fast. Make sure to be there at least an hour or two before the trip. They give out priority numbers but it is very limited. If I remember it correctly, they were only giving 100 queue numbers. They said you can book or reserve boat tickets online but I haven’t tried that.

It takes two hours or more to reach Consuelo Port in Camotes from Danao Port. They used to have faster sea vessels but I think because of the pandemic, they discontinued those trips. Don’t expect much from the boat ride. The ships/roro has not been updated, renovated or maintained well. Fare is at Php264.00 per person.

You may refer to this table for the boat schedule or you can visit this page for more information.

Passenger Trips (Roro)
Monday to Saturday5:30 AM. 8:00 PM
Daily11:30 AM, 2:30 PM
Sunday8:30 AM, 5:30 PM
Cargo Trips (Roro)
Monday to Saturday9:30 AM, 10:00 PM
Passenger Trips (Roro)
Monday to Saturday6:30 AM. 5:30 PM
Daily11:30 AM, 2:30 PM
Sunday8:30 AM
Cargo Trips (Roro)
Monday to Saturday5:30 AM
Daily6:00 PM

Upon arrival at Consuelo, Camotes Port, you will be picked up by a driver from the resort. Coordinate with the resort staff days before your trip by messaging or calling them. Do know that Camotes Island, particularly Mangodlong area, has a very weak network signal. So make sure to arrange this ahead of time or you will end up taking a tricycle or motorcycle from the port to the resort.

Normally, Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort’s driver will bring a signboard with the guests’ names. Travel time from port to the resort takes about ten (10) minutes.


You only need these documents to bring your pets with you: Vet Card and Vet Certificate. That’s it.

We were told, we needed to apply for a permit from the Bureau of Animal Industry but we confirmed it with the shipping line (Jomalia) and they will only check and ask for a valid Veterinarian’s Certificate and an updated Veterinary Card of your pet. Your pet needs to have completed its vaccination, especially the rabies vaccine, to avoid hiccups in transporting them.

This shipping permit was given at Danao Port. We presented Snorlax’s veterinary card and certificate, then they gave us this permit. This permit is free of charge and is valid for one week.

Most shipping lines will require a pet carrier but Jomalia Shipping Lines allows pets to be carried as long as they are leashed and have muzzles. Pets travel free of charge. Always remember to be a responsible pet owner. Don’t let your pets roam around the boat and most importantly, always clean after your pets.

If you plan to bring your pets to other islands in the Philippines, you need to double-check with the shipping line if you’re traveling via boat because they might ask for a travel permit from the Bureau of Animal Industry. You can apply online, just go to this site: This permit is free of charge, you just need to have your Vet Card and Vet Certificate ready to be uploaded and attached to your application.

I suggest securing a Vet Certificate 3-5 days before your trip and the travel permit from the Bureau of Animal Industry 2-3 days before your trip. Don’t forget to ask your veterinarian if the certificate they issue indicates a validity period.

Traveling via plane will require a different set of requirements. You have to check with the airline if they will allow your pet (the breed of your pet) to be transported by plane.


• Camotes is not the perfect place for digital nomads. Network signal is not reliable. WiFi is also weak.

• Boat reservations should be arranged ahead of time. You can ask the resort to arrange it for you days before your trip back to Danao (Cebu mainland).

• You don’t need to bring a pet carrier when bringing your pet/s, just make sure to let them wear a muzzle.

• There are lots of mosquitos, so don’t forget to bring insect repellant lotions or sprays.

• You can tour the island in a day. Although we did not do this, I am sure this is doable since I recommended this to a friend and she was able to do it in a day. You can contact a motorcycle/habal-habal driver to bring you around the island or you can also ask the resort staff to arrange it for you if you’re traveling with a group.

If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to reach out to me or contact the resort for specific questions, availability, updated rates, and special arrangements. You may reach them through their landline +6332-346-0421 or mobile number   +63939-921-6835. You can also message them on Facebook or check their official website for more details.

Note that rates and other information indicated in this post may change without any notice. Don’t hesitate to let me know about any updated information. I know most resorts have adjusted their rates due to the pandemic and are offering discounts so make use of that. I hope this helped you plan your next getaway. Please don’t forget to “still” observe proper health protocols, don’t forget to practice social distancing, and explore responsibly.


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  1. Jean says:

    Hi maam! We are from Cebu and planning to bring our furbabies in the trip. We were told to get certification in Camotes for the travel back. Do you happen to know where can we get that in Camotes?


    1. Dee Explores says:

      I asked Jomalia the same question when we visited and they said the same vet certificate (from Cebu) will suffice. I only got one vet certificate, we weren’t asked to present it on our way back to Cebu.


  2. Hix says:

    Hello is this the certificate to travel? how much did you pay for the certificate?


    1. Dee Explores says:

      Hi! Vet certificate fee varies depending on your veterenarian/vet clinic. We secured the certificate to travel at the port for free I just presented the requirements (Vet Card and Vet Certificate). This is only applicable to Cebu – Camotes.


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