Cebu Pacific Free Rebooking

If you missed the news, Cebu Pacific has launched a new feature for everybody to enjoy. Effective 22 October 2019, Cebu Pacific has implemented its newest product, CEB Flexi.

What is CEB Flexi?

CEB Flexi is a new product that allows guests to rebook their flights up to two (2) times for FREE. Yep! You read it right, you are allowed to book your flights for free now! Gone are the stressful fly days.

The CEB Flexi rebooking fee is 60% lower than regular rebooking fees. CEB Flexi has been available since October 22nd! Timely is it not? Book your Cebu Pacific flights now as lots of flight promos are ongoing!

What happens if I do not purchase CEB Flexi?

New booking and rebooking of Cebu Pacific and Cebgo fares, regardless of fare class are no longer refundable, reroutable or convertible to travel fund. That includes group booking transactions.

All bookings created prior to October 22 will follow the old fare rules and conditions. Please be guided accordingly regarding CEB Flexi rules and booking guidelines.

Terms and Conditions

  • CEB Flexi is available when purchased together with a flight, up to 2 hours before departure (applicable on the initial booking only).
  • CEB Flexi is NOT applicable to group booking transactions.
  • CEB Flexi is available in all digital and non-digital channels.
  • Charging of CEB Flexi is per passenger per sector.
  • Flight changes are allowed up to 2 hours before the current flight. If beyond 2 hours, rebooking is no longer allowed.
  • The new flights will be available up to 2 hours before departure. Flights leaving within 2 hours will no longer be available.
  • FREE rebooking will only apply thru the Manage Booking portal of the Cebu Pacific website
  • CEB Flexi is non-refundable, non-reroutable, non-transferable and non -convertible to Travel fund.
  • Guests should pay the difference in fare, if any
  • Guests who rebook without CEB Flexi product will be charged with regular rebooking fees
  • Refunds are only applicable for involuntary changes as allowed by the Cebu Pacific and Cebgo Terms and Conditions.
  • SSR Code: FLEX

For rates of CEB Flexi fee, refer to the latest Passenger Tariff Bulletin issued by Revenue Management and Pricing.

How to Avail of CEB Flexi 

  1. CEB Flexi is available in the Add Ons page of the Cebu Pacific website
  2. To avail, CEB Flexi should be ticked per way, per tab

3. Once added, CEB Flexi will be reflected on the Recap page and itinerary receipt



Easy peasy, right? So, what are you waiting for? 11.11 Promo Fares, Piso Fares and all types of promo fares await! Safe skies, fellow explorers!


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