What’s Keeping Me Busy Lately, A Life Update

For the past weeks, I have been MIA on the blogosphere. I thought I was going to end up feeling frustrated from being away for so long without doing any content. But in all honesty, I feel more than fine to be unplugged for a while.

I just thought of sharing the reasons why I have been busy lately.

A content-creating project has been awarded to me. I created/edited social media content for 20 international brands. In a day, I’d finish editing 640 videos and 240 graphics. And although I got more free time than my working hours, the moment I finish a days work, I choose to rest.

I did not want to pressure myself to create content for my blog because I was mentally drained. Thankfully, the project is now over and my workload is more bearable.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to publish my pending blog posts. I got tons! I’ll try to work on them as soon as I get my groove back. Thanks for the support!

Also, special thanks to TripZilla for my latest feature.
If you haven’t seen it on my socials, click this link: LA UNION TRAVEL GUIDE FOR ALL YOU WEEKEND WARRIORS

See you around!


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