I Needed The Time Off, A Life Update

For the past months, I’ve been consistent with my content and blog posts. I always see to it that I share something ‘useful’ or ‘informative’ at least once a month. But lately, I just felt the need to detach from this lifestyle.

I needed the time off for myself. I needed it to know where I’m at now and at least have an idea of what I wanted to happen in the days to come. Blogging or being a travel blogger is not my main ‘job’. This hasn’t even been my main source of income.

I read a tweet weeks ago. (I can’t find the original tweet) It went like this, “Social media, unfortunately, set up false expectations of reality. It’s easy to look at someone else’s life online and assume that they have everything going great for them and that their life is perfect.”

Many of my ‘friends’ comment or react to my travels and how I get to have lots of free days spent on traveling. They say they envy this life. And as an awkward person who doesn’t really know how to socialize, I always let the comments slip or I just change the topic. I don’t really like to talk about how I get to travel a lot. I don’t know how to react when it’s pointed out.

Travel has been an outlet for me to de-stress and detoxify. Hence the handle, @deetoxify. It’s not just because I work for my family that I get to travel. I travel because I work for my family, you get me? People who work for their parents would understand this. It’s not because I’m a ”freelancer” that I get to travel. I travel because aside from passion, I kinda need it for sanity.

So what’s the deal here? Why am I writing this? Will I stop traveling? Am I having a hard time in life? Am I being fake about what I post? What’s up?

To my ’supporters’, I bring good news. To my ’bashers’, I’m sorry to disappoint you but I will keep on traveling for as long as I can. If my body permits and my wallet allows.

I’d be lying if I say I’m doing great in life. I’m far from the person I envisioned to be. I’m not saying I’m doing poorly but life is just hard as it is. Adulting sucks. Paying the bills is a chore I loathe. The world is getting hotter and hotter every day and it clearly makes me uncomfortable no matter how I claim to love summer.

I’m not faking it by posting cute and curated content. There are just certain events in my life which I like to keep private. In this new age where everyone shares their daily mundane activities, rants how they’ve come to hate their new boss or posts about anything random online that they find cute or ‘post-worthy’, I still choose not to let everything out in the open. I still like to keep things to myself.

No matter how I think I wanted to share it for the public to see, I still end up keeping it for myself. And I think that’s okay. The things I keep makes the real me. The things I share are just highlights of my life. It happened, it’s all true, but it’s not everything about me.

I don’t really know where I wanted this post to go. These are but random thoughts running in my head. This is just me sharing a bit more about myself and not about the usual – my travels.

I will still post curated content every now and then. I will still write travel guides and share my experiences. I just thought I needed this time off. I don’t have to think of any deadline to beat.

I don’t know how to end this post so I’ll leave you with this:

Nothing is certain in life. Yesterday, you were enjoying the best times of your life – exploring towns, coastal areas, cities, or countries. The next thing you’ll know, you’re lying on your bed, alone, can be sick or jobless, stuck and got nowhere to go to. You might finally get the most awaited job offer, get fired, travel for the first time, retire, be a full-time business person, etc… Anything can happen, really.

Life has a unique way of surprising us. So, invest in memories. Cherish each moment you get to have. Takes lots of photos. Try to do something you’ve never done before and leave no room for regrets!


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P.S. I updated my website logo! 🤗

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