Travelers Guide: How To Take Good Solo Photos

I’ve been asked many times how I take my photos and usually answer them briefly. But I have one friend who gave me the idea to make a blog post on how I take my solo shots during my solo travel.

FYI lang, I’m no expert. I just want to share what I know and I hope somehow you can get something from this.

I made 10 TIPS on how to take good photos whenever you travel solo:

1. Bring a Tripod or “Selfiepod”

Magic trick ‘to! Why? Because once you’re done setting up your tripod/selfiepod, people in the frame will disappear. It’s not 100% guaranteed but of course bes, ayaw nila masali sa picture mo.

Kidding aside, tripods or selfiepods are very useful when you travel solo. If you find it awkward to ask someone to take your photo and to pose in front of a stranger, the tripod/selfiepod will be your best travel buddy. I honestly look awkward when I ask strangers to take my photos so I really bring my selfiepod or tripod with me.

2. Also Bluetooth remote

Click-click ka nalang once you’re done setting up your camera or mobile phone. You can still make use of the timer feature on your camera or phone kung gusto mong mapagod. I support you. 😛

Spot the bluetooth remote!

3. Find that perfect frame

Kung photo enthusiast or pro photographer ka pa, bes, compose your picture! Di pwede hanggang imagination lang. Look for the perfect spot. Once you find it, set up your gadgets. Dali, bes! May magic na mangyayari. 🤣

Based on my experience, once I’ve set up my tripod, people will just move away. So perfect na yung framing, wala pang tao sa likod. Oh diba!


4. Own the moment!

99.9% of the people there don’t know you, and you don’t know them. Aura!


5. Be nice to other tourists

In other words, sila muna paunahin mo kasi alam mong mas matagal kang matapos. 🤣 And Ate/Kuya, ‘wag magsungit kung magpapapicture sila sa’yo. Remember, patience is a virtue you should practice and cultivate. Pinasok mo na ‘to, panindigan mo na.

I found this quiet alley while strolling around Anguk area in Seoul. I set up my tripod and took a few shots while this group of ladies passed by. They must’ve realised it was a nice street to take photos. So instead of having photo bombers in my frame, I told them to go ahead. They allowed me to take this photo of them after I took their photos.
Panindigan mo na. Ayan na eh. Namaster ko na din pala portrait mode ng phone ko. Try mo din!

6. Expectation vs. Reality

I either get excited or disappointed with some places basically because what you see online doesn’t justify what you see in reality. Either it’s too pretty or too plain in real life.

The key is to always think outside of the box. Stir the creative side of your brain. But when all else fails, you can always save “pegs” or inspos from other people and start from there.

IMG 17468.jpg
Samantha Wong has always been an inspiration to me. I love her content so much. On my recent visit to HK, I stumbled on the street where she took this shot. So I tried to recreate it.

7. Don’t force it

If the circumstance doesn’t allow you to get the same shot like Maggie Wilson, Lost Leblanc, or Tara Milktea, don’t force it. Being original and being yourself is still the best.

This is also applicable when you’re in a tourist spot with lots and looooots of people. Of course, the tripod magic won’t work! Isip ka nalang ng ibang idea or look for another angle. Meron yan!

Also, photo editors like Photoshop Fix, Snapseed and PicsArt (all mobile apps) will help you achieve the “solo” feels that you want. Yung ikaw lang talaga sa frame na gusto mo, achievable yan. Explore mo lang yung apps!

Gyeongbokgung Palace is definitely a place full of people. It was hard to look for a quiet spot but I found this corner right before entering the palace.

8. Always be prepared

Be it a GoPro, Mobile, DSLR, Mirrorless Camera, always be prepared to bring extra batteries and extra memory cards. If yamanin ka naman, buy extra iCloud storage. Baka umiyak ka pag nakita mong “Memory Full” na. ✌🏼

9. Know your “angle”

Sa ilang ulit mong nagpicture at nagpapicture, siguro naman alam mo na saan yung best angle mo. If not, there’s nothing wrong to practice in front of the mirror or sa selfie-mode ng phone mo. It doesn’t mean you’re narcissistic. Eh kung gusto mo lang talaga nang magandang kuha diba? You’ll eventually figure out your best angle and once you do, taking your solo shots will just be a breeze. Daan daan ka nalang sa camera mo, tapos!


10. Photos are your best souvenirs

I know the feeling of always wanting to bring something home from a certain place or country. There are times when I find cute stuff to bring home but sometimes I forget.

Every time I travel, I always remind myself to enjoy the journey, appreciate the scenery, immerse in the culture, or meet a new friend. Wag puro self, Bes. And you don’t need to always have a photo with a certain spot, sometimes, it’s beautiful as it is. Take the beauty in. Take a photo OF it. And take it home with you. ❤️

My photos are the best souvenirs I can take home.


Book ka na rin ng ticket so you’ll understand how I feel. Kanya-kanya naman ta’yo ng interests and preferences, so walang basagan ng trip.

Feel free to leave comments or message via e-mail if you have any questions. If you like this article and want to see or know more about my trips and tips, follow me on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.


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