Weekend Warrior Feats: Carcar Cebu Shoes

Aside from Lechon, Ampao, and Chicharon, did you know that Carcar is also known for its quality craftsmanship especially in shoemaking?

While Marikina is to Manila, Carcar is to Cebu. The city of Carcar is recognized as the shoemaking capital of Cebu.

Shoemaking was considered as Carcar’s heritage and used to be the major source of income of the residents in Carcar City. This started in the 1700s and was continuously passed on from generation to generation.

Today, lots of competitors, local and international, have arisen but Carcar still thrives. Why? It’s because Carcar shoes are equally affordable and durable. The quality passes export standards. They did not lose their market as they have gained a number of loyal customers, local and international.

That includes me!

I’ve been using my Carcar sandals for more than a year. They have gone to different places and countries. And they still look great!

Every time my friends and I go south, I try to squeeze a visit to the “shoe market” in Carcar, Cebu. We usually drop by in the afternoon, but if the shops open early, we drop by during the day.

It was easier to spot Carcar shoe market before because of the huge shoes you’ll see by the road. Today, the trade expo is still located in the same venue. If you’re coming from Cebu City, just look out for Acacia Restaurant on your left. You’ll notice a line of shoe stalls beside it.

The shoe market has no specific opening hours. It really depends on the shop owners. Some open as early as 8:30, some at 10 in the morning. But by 5pm, most shops are already closed.

Carcar shoemakers accept made-to-order shoes. You can buy or order shoes, sandals, slippers in bulk, especially if you’re thinking of reselling them. Their shoes are also perfect as gifts. Price ranges from 100php to 500php.

So just yesterday, my friends and I decided to go south. We dropped by Carcar in the morning before heading to Badian. And look at my Carcar haul!


For only 1,460php I was able to get these pairs! Sweet, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for?

If you happen to pass by Carcar, visiting the shoe expo is a must! After all, #supportlocal.



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