New Year in Malaysia

This post is long overdue. Just this year, my hard drive got corrupted and all my files were deleted. Yes, you read it right. All my travel photos from the beginning, gone! I was heartbroken!

It had something to do with my hard drive’s motherboard. It won’t allow the technician to revive and salvage the files. Although the technician assured me that the raw files are still there, I don’t know how to get them back…

Thankfully, I still have a copy of some my Malaysia trip photos since I posted some on my Facebook account. (I apologize in advance for its quality!)


I have been in Malaysia back when I was still in college. Most of my cousins are already staying there, so I get to visit them from time to time.

I’ve had plans to explore Malaysia on a different set-up since I always end up being accompanied by my cousins wherever I go. Although I like spending time with them, it’s still different when you’re out exploring the country on your own. Guess what? I still ended up being accompanied by them! Haha! Oh well, no complains! I super enjoy their company anyway.

Malaysia is a huge country. I’ve only been to the southern parts – Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Selangor, Pahang, and Johor.

Malaysia Experience


I remember my first time in Malaysia back in 2012, we entered from Singapore via bus. It was a memorable experience. Memorable in the sense that it was my first time being held by immigration officers because I misplaced my disembarkation slip. I was pretty sure I brought it but I forgot that I placed it in my luggage instead of my handbag (facepalm moment).

I was the youngest passenger on our bus and I was left inside the checkpoint hall since my mom was already back on the bus. She had to be there if not, the bus will leave without us.

Singapore immigration officers are expected to be very strict but I was fortunate enough to be forgiven by their head officer and was given another embarkation slip. I was still young back then so maybe they pitied me.

From then on, I always make sure to never place important stuff inside my luggage and place it either in my hand carry or handbag.

This time, I booked my PH-Malaysia-PH tickets last minute. I was lucky to find a good deal in! I booked my roundtrip tickets for 11,000 Php. I still find it cheap because I flew during a peak season (December-January).

When I arrived, I rode the bus from KLIA Airport to KL Sentral Station. My cousins picked me up there. Thanks to Klook for keeping me connected!

Of course, the first thing we did was bond. We talked and talked! After that, we went out to buy groceries and check out one of Malaysia’s night market since I was craving for local food. I stayed in Malaysia for a week and did a side-trip to Singapore alone. You can read my write-up here: Singapore in 2 Days!

It has been my cousins’ tradition to bring anyone who visits them to Resorts World in Genting Highland. I got to bond with my nephews and all my cousins were present! It was so fun because I’m usually alone in the PH and being surrounded by a huge group especially people who are actually family is already something for me.

Welcoming Year 2018 with my Malaysia family

My routine in Malaysia was usually sleep-eat-talk repeat. After I wake up, breakfast is already served. We then go out to see some places in KL or just stroll in the malls. We eat and talk, eat again, then we go home, eat and talk, then rest. And the cycle goes on. The trip was a breather. I wasn’t stressed at all. I did not have to think about where to go or how to get there. I got to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Because Nando’s!!!

I wanted to write something more substantial about Malaysia but I guess this trip isn’t the one. I’ll be back again soon, so maybe then I can write something useful for you guys.

Here are some of the photos I took (or what’s left)…









I was able to make a video before my files were lost, you can check it here:


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