What Gadgets Do You Bring Whenever You Travel?

They say, every time you travel, you always take home something with you.

I love to take photos, photos with me in it and photos of the place, the landscape, the people, or anything which stirs my interest. Every time I travel, I make it a point to capture the experience through my photos. It’s the best “keepsake” I can take home with me.

I love looking back at old photos and remembering how it was like when I visited the place, how the food tasted, or how awesome my travel buddies were.

And if you’re wondering what are the gadgets I use to take my photos, just keep on reading…

These gadgets may not be the “best among the best” but I think it’s not just about the gadget itself but also about the eyes of the person using it. What I see, some don’t see. So it varies from one person to another.

I just want to share what I use and somehow give you an idea of what you can use whenever you travel.

With all my gadgets, it’s a challenge to travel light but I make do with my luggage allowance. So here are the gadgets I usually bring whenever I travel:


Fujifilm X-T10

Ever since I switched to Mirrorless camera, I usually bring this whenever I travel, especially when I go out of the country. Unlike my old buddy which is a Nikon DSLR, this Fujifilm-XT10 is more handy and lighter to carry around.

It’s not like T1 or T2 which are weather sealed already, so I always check the weather if it permits me to bring my camera. You wouldn’t want to spend extra bucks to pay for repairs. But if you’re a risk-taker, it’s really up to you.

As for the lens, I always bring two variations. I always bring a kit lens with me for group shots and wide-angle shots. Sometimes using a GoPro distorts the photo especially when you’re using the older models. I also bring my 35mm lens for more dramatic and artsy looking shots.

I tried only bringing my 35mm in one of my trips and it was challenging to take some shots because of the framing. It’s best to know what type of photos you’re planning to get or if you already composed something in mind, then you would know the type of lenses you should bring.



GoPro Action Camera

I know, I’ve used and abused this baby but I got extra lens covers for this (defensive haha). I just didn’t change it yet because I know I’ll just bump it again somewhere.

It’s pretty simple! I use my GoPro whenever I go on adventures like trekking, surfing, or canyoneering. You need not worry about it since it weatherproof and waterproof, plus it’s really handy! It can fit in your pocket!

I also tried using GoPro Hero 4 before. When you compare Hero 5 from Hero 4, the differences are video quality, stabilization, field of view, and built. The Hero 5 already has the 4K video feature. It stabilizes better than Hero 4, and you also have the option to change the view from wide, linear, medium, narrow for photos, and superview for videos.

As for the built, Hero 5 does not require a waterproof case because the body is already built to be waterproof up to a certain number of meters. If you’re a diver and you plan to go underwater for more than 20 feet, you’ll have to get the waterproof case for Hero 5.



My trusty, iPhone

I bring two phones whenever I travel abroad. One is my normal phone which has roaming access so people can still contact me whenever I travel, and the other one is open for an international sim. If I can’t rent a pocket wi-fi, I usually buy an international sim just so I can stay connected.

Aside from that, there are also times when I think a certain frame is best taken with a phone. The new iPhone X offers the 4K feature for videos and I’m pretty much amazed by the output. I tried taking several clips during my recent trip to Siargao.

There are also times when you don’t have your camera in your hand and you have to get a snapshot of what’s in front of you before you miss it. Most of the time, your mobile phone would come to the rescue!


So there. These are the gadgets I always bring whenever I travel. I recently bought a drone and I’m excited to experiment with it. So for now, I’ll just have to leave you with these three gadgets.

Here are sample shots using my Fujifilm XT10

Sydney Opera HouseIMG_6851Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


GoPro Camera





201705_BALI 176IMG_4749

I’ll probably make another write-up on how I post-process my photos so keep posted!

Feel free to leave comments or message via e-mail if you have any questions. If you like this article and want to see and know more about my trips and tips, follow me on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.


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