Who Run the World?

After the success of last year’s Nike Women 10K Run, Nike once again challenged all Filipinas to run with their buddies in the Nike Women Victory Tour this year.

It was Nike’s first all-women half marathon in the country. It happened last May 15, 2016 at Cavitex having approximately 4,000 participants.

Thousands of women trained for several weeks to prepare for this activity making sure they were getting #BetterForIt. The Nike+ Run Club (NRC) incorporated a 12-week preparatory training for free. All you have to do is register to join. During the trainings, coaches guide and prepare you for the race. Sadly, trainings were held only in Manila. My buddy and I were in Cebu. It would cost us more if we train with NRC so we chose to train in Cebu.

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We had some free time before the race day so we decided to go up to Baguio and somehow prepare ourselves.

Since my buddy usually joins marathons, she was a great help for me. She motivated and pushed me to my limits (even though I tried to give up). This was my first half marathon. I was more scared than excited. I have only tried fun runs and I was not even sure at first if I could make it to the finish line. But with the help of my buddy and my willingness to finish, I was able to make it.


We gathered at Blue Bay Walk in Pasay and started running around 4 in the morning. We passed several highways and ended in Island Cove, Cavite.

During the race, supporters, coaches and pacers helped and cheered all the runners towards the finish line. Hydration stations, first aid booths and portalets were stationed every one and a half kilometer. Race marshals and medics were very active and visible too.

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After the race, the participants plunged into a pool of ice. They also offered recovery stretch rehab and foam rollers. Shuttle buses were ready to take us back to Pasay.

We saw how everybody enjoyed the event. I barely felt my feet after everything but it was one amazing experience. Kudos to Run Rio for organising the event!


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