A 26-year-old girl with a deep desire for travels and adventures.

She craves for old and new places.

She is easy to please yet keen with the nitty-gritties of things.

She craves for love and the need to give love.

It started with Deetoxify. I was still in college when I started blogging. I reinvented it last 2016, transferred from Blogspot to WordPress. I wanted to share my experiences especially in traveling. I did not really think about the name part, at first. Eventually, I found a way to relate it to what I love to do.

At first, you’d think that my old blog name (Deetoxify) was a blog about fitness or maintaining a healthy lifestyle but actually, I just wanted to ‘free’ myself from all the toxicity in life by writing about how I get away from them. I kept receiving messages asking what Deetoxify is really about. People confuse my blog for something else, so I decided to my name to Dee Explores to clear things out, once and for all.

This page has been more about my travels so I find it fitting to change my handle to Dee Explores.

Just to give you a quick background, I started “traveling” when I was still in grade school. I will not write all the details about my past travel experiences though. All you need to know is that my parents used to travel every weekend since our home and our business aren’t in one place. Sometimes I’m left at home alone because I have classes but during the weekends, I catch up with them. Basically, our family set up has sparked my interest in traveling.

I personally believe that ‘traveling’ is a privilege, not everyone can do it. You have to think about many factors before you pack your bags and go wherever you want. Priorities and responsibilities should be taken into consideration. I know a lot of teens nowadays who think that success is measured by gadgets, adventures, and trips when it shouldn’t be that way. As for me, I travel not just because I love to but also because I can. If you want to have a laidback kind of lifestyle, work on yourself first and the rest will just follow.

Those who claim to know me should know how much I love to travel as much as I love to take photos. With the kind of job I have today, I have the freedom to travel whenever, wherever. Traveling has been my source of joy and I hope to share it with all of you.

DEE Explores will be my outlet as I share my interests and passion — for travel, for photography, for food, for life. Anything that I can exlore, I will share it here.

Feel free to suggest new topics!


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