PLDT Offers Free 30-day Speed Boost

Wanna binge watch K-drama series or challenge a friend to a match on Call of Duty but you feel like your internet speed is not enough? Worry no more!

For a limited time offer, PLDT Home Fiber Plus and Fiber Unli plan holders can enjoy faster and better speeds with PLDT’s free speed add-on. Users can get up to three times the speed of their current plans.

This promo is offered free for the first 30 days. After the free period, users may continue to keep the speed boost add-on for just ₱50.00 monthly.

Existing user should have received an email indicating this free boost, If you haven’t received one, you may check your spam folder or it can also mean that your account may not be qualified to avail this promo. Quick disclaimer though, users who don’t want this add-on fee to keep recurring must manually opt out otherwise it will automatically reflect on your bill.

Here are the mechanics to avail of this promo:


1. The PLDT Home Speed Add-On Promo is valid from July 20 until September 30, 2022.

2. Customers who will avail of the promo shall be entitled to a speed add-on amounting to P50/P200 per month applicable to the following eligible PLDT Home Fiber Plus and Fiber Unli Plans.


Fiber Unli Plan 1699Up to 100 Mbps+Php 50Up to 150 Mbps
Fiber Unli Plan 1299Up to 25 MbpsPhp 50Up to 50 Mbps

3. Customers can avail of the promo in all PLDT Home booths, PLDT Sales & Service Centers, Smart Stores, Cignal Stores, PLDT Hotline 171, official PLDT Home mobile app, authorized agents, authorized key account partners and via the website.

4. The promo is available nationwide.

The following terms and conditions shall apply to the promo:

Terms and Conditions
  • The PLDT Home Speed Add-On promo is open to all new customers of the qualified PLDT Home Fiber Plus and Fiber Unli Plans.
  • All subscriptions are subject to PLDT Home’s standard credit screening and facility check.
  • All qualified customers may only avail a specific add-on depending on their subscribed PLDT Home Fiber Plan/Monthly Service Fee (MSF) as indicated in the matrix.
  • Plan upgrade/downgrade will not carry over corresponding/subscribed add-ons unless requested by the customer.
  • Once subscribed to the promo, the customers will continue to be billed the add-on amount on top of their current Monthly Service Fee (MSF) and will continue to enjoy the add-on speed until they opt out. The customers may opt-out from the promo at any time without additional charge.
  • No Pre-Termination Fee (PTF) or Amortization will be collected at point of discontinuance or termination of the add-on. Customers will only be billed the pro-rated from their last month of subscription.
  • All indicated internet speeds are subject to 30% minimum speed at 80% service reliability. 

For more information about PLDT Home plans, visit the official website or click this >> link <<

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